Non Franchised Advantages and Disadvantages

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Nonfranchised Small Business Analysis Kimberly Thomas MGT/418 October 21, 2012 Tricia Rosengarten Burlington Coat Factory is a great buy and would be a business to consider buying. “Founded in 1924, the company was known as "Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation" that started by selling outerwear and ladies coats. Burlington Coat Factory aims for maintainable growth as a visible marketplace forerunner in clothing and shoes production as well as for section governance. In these circumstances, the Burlington Coat Factory brands will play a crucial part. Burlington Coat Factory is able to set up its distinctive direction usually by obtaining other fervent clothing and shoe companies and their products, which are then joined into an innovative, significant company. Presenting education to its employees, improving the company procedures, and the introduction of new technologies then emphasizes the views of the various Burlington Coat Factory products. This realistically causes markets of scale to be able to establish a circulation system for both the local and international Burlington Coat Factory products. If a market is already in the control of other clothing and shoe companies, Burlington Coat Factory dedicates its attentiveness in the direction of the growth of a chosen section with its various products” ( “The mission of Burlington Coat Factory is to secure the growth of the business in a sustainable manner, while at the same time constantly improving the company’s profitability. The strategy to achieve this involves four elements: 1. Striving in order to reach a leading position in attractive markets 2. Focusing on securing a competitive share of the mobile computing market segments. 3. Working in order to improve the company’s efficiency and cut costs in operations. 4. Constant growth through

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