Non-Classical Civilizations are our Greatest Influence

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<BR>We are influenced by civilizations of the past. Our whole way of life revolves around their developments. They have shaped the current state of our economy, society, and technology. Many think the Greeks and Romans were the civilizations that had the greatest impact. Another view, one I agree with, is that the non-classical civilizations were the ones who paved the way for the future. <br> The technologies the non-classical civilizations developed are the basis of our society. The Indians used herbs and natural remedies to treat illness, set bones, and fix facial injuries before Hippocrates started his research in medicine. In Europe, the iron plow and harness were developed so that seeds could be planted deeper, and horses instead of oxen could do the job faster. The Chinese Daoists discovered gunpowder to use in firecrackers in order to scare ghosts. Later on it was used in weaponry like guns, cannons etc. All these have had an enormous impact on our lives. <br> Our social structure has very firm roots in the societies of the past. In many cultures like the Japanese, Dradavians, and Arabs women were often consider equal and important parts of the society. In China, India, and Europe people were classified into groups. They belonged to different classes or castes on the basis of varying factors like occupation, ancestry, economic status, race, gender, and age. In China and the Mayan cultures there was one supreme ruler who controlled all aspects of people’s lives. The legacies from these past societies and cultures can be felt in the fabric of our society today, this is exemplified in several ways. Women are equals in our society. We are still separated by economic status. There even countries that exist where the ruler has ultimate power and control. <br> Modern day economics are still affected by those of the non-classical

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