Nomads Essay

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The nomadic way of life was a very common way of living before the Neolithic revolution. During this time there were no settled cities or countries. Instead, everyone was moving around in pursuit of organic food and slaughtering anything that was consumable. There were numerous flaws with this way of life. Many times the nomads would go days without finding any food causing people to perish and eventually die along the way which lowered their population. This resulted in less overall productivity and insufficient hunting groups. They were all in dire need of a new way to supply their families with food. This resulted in the first agricultural revolution. When the women accidentally discovered farming by dropping seeds, the Neolithic people made a choice between keeping their unreliable ways and having the option to stay in one place. As history shows, the nomads decided to abandon their primitive culture and adopt a new one. The agricultural revolution was a time when the nomadic people went from moving around in search of anything that they could salvage up, to settling in one area and producing their own food and supplies. The nomads learned to adapt to this new style and utilize their resources to the best of their abilities. This way of life came with numberless benefits. They had a steady supply of food and things were flawless until the rise of the abominable problems. The problems of the settled life were very critical to the survival of these people. With the settled life and constant supply of food, no one could ever expect anything to go wrong. Little did they know that living in one place can be extremely unsanitary and many of them quickly caught diseases. Many villages wiped out due to this. Also, neighboring nomads noticed settled villages and were always raiding them which did not help the nomads’ chances at survival. However, because of this

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