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The importance of a Bishop Noll education this past year has surpassed my highest expectations. It has opened my eyes to the reality of what a great school can do for you both academically and spiritually. From the first day of school, the challenges & hurdles that have come my way have been great examples of what life has in store for me at the college level and in the future workforce. This philosophy is made clear at Bishop Noll, starting with the faculty, teachers, coaches and advisors. These values then get absorbed from every student and it becomes a trickled down affect that empowers us all. Bishop Noll has not only impacted my education, but me personally, as a Christian and using my catholic religion as the basis for my everyday life. Bishop Noll has influenced my world by opening the doors to talk about my religion, not only my religion, but different ones, and different traditions as well. Not only do I feel closer with God, but I feel closer with everyone, and I feel everyone is closer to me. Having a Catholic influence in the school gives me a sense of strength and a bond with everyone around, it is a feeling that I only share when I am at Bishop Noll or at home. My fellow classmen speak and talk with each other about our faith, and future, and this gives me hope and comfort. These next high school years are where I will start to figure out who I am, as a young lady and a future college graduate. I have become more studious and have placed a larger importance on my grades and how they impact my future. With the help from my guidance counselor thru the extra time my teachers take to help me when I’m struggling. I have realized my education is everything, being able to know things, will open my future. Bishop Noll is preparing me for college, to have a better future, and have a great career, to survive with using the knowledge obtained and the faith

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