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According to Noll, if evangelical Christians are to cultivate/pursue the life of the mind, which involves a proper form of Christian scholarship in gratitude to God, certain problematic “attitudes” must be corrected. Indicate one of these attitudes and give a thoughtful application of how this problem can be overcome in order to pursue the life of the mind. Knoll states that that if evangelicals are to ever to properly nourish and build their minds they will have to let go of the habit of intuition or being able to make quick decisions from the beginning to the end of a problem. Many of today’s evangelicals are making a considerable effort to listen to other Christians which was unheard of in the past indeed shows a willingness to try and change and see other points of view. When Evangelicals can listen to each other without interruption or bias then it may actually get to a point to where they are having more complex and thought provoking conversation with each other. The first step in learning from each other is to stop jumping to conclusions about what each other is thinking or saying. When a short halt is put to institutionalizing at least for a little while then there is a chance that the evangelicals can learn from each other. If there is no hesitation then there would not be an issue of who is right and if their view is right. Until the need for intuition is watered down and made more useful to theology then the way that evangelicals perceive or see things will never truly manifest in a way that will be helpful and worthy of being a major role player within the evangelical faith. Many other Christians have created ideas that have come from deep theological thinking. Evangelicals are definitely in a position to learn about these ideas from other forward thinking and like minded Christians. We have all heard about a mother's intuition and instinct.

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