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Ito ung plot na binigay nila …. Noli me tangere began with the introduction of the character of Juan crisostomo Ibarra, the only son of the late haciendero Don Rafael. Ibarra was handsome, intelligent, rich and famous. A celebration was held to honor his return to the country. Different dignitaries attend the celebration. From what he learned from his travels abroad, Ibarra develop ideas to help him realize his dreams of a better nation. He felt that his wealth, power and connections to the illustrious figures of society, he can make a difference. Ibarra also had a beautiful girlfriend named Maria Clara, the daughter of Don Santiago. Maria Clara was a symbolic representation of the ideal woman, conservative and full of grace and innocence. With what he had, Ibarra could simply settle and live a happy life, but he couldn’t stand the idea of people suffering. With the help of people like philosopher Tacio anf prominent figures like Don Custodio, the school he wanted to build materialized.However, during its inauguration, an assassination plot against Ibarra was put into action. Fortunately, he was saved by a mysterious man named Elias. More revelations were unveiled; from the untimely death of his father, to the real identity of maria clara. Elias, as the courier of the rebel soldiers, appealed to Ibarra to join their cause. The rebel wanted the government reforms through a violent revolution. Ibarra however, did not want violence. Later, an uprising was orchestrated by father Salvi, a Spanish friar who secretly admired Maria Clara. The plot was to make it appear that Ibarra was the mastermind of the revolt. Ibarra was detained but managed to escape through the help of Elias. The civil guards were able to catch up to them at the lake where a shooting took place. Thinking they killed Ibarra, they left . Ibarra, however, was able to escape, leaving elias to take

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