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Content 1. Introduction | P.3 | Q.1 The multiple environment of Nokia | P.4 | 2. The temporal environment – Industrial Age | P.4 – P.5 | 3. The temporal environment – Information Age | P.6 – P.7 | 4. The external environment – PEST | P.8 | 4.1 Political environment | P.8 – P.9 | 4.2 Economic environment | P.10 | 4.3 Socio-cultural environment | P.11 – P.12 | 4.4 Technological environment | P.12 – P.13 | Q2. Analyze Nokia’s failure according to changing environments | P.14 – P.15 | 5. Recommendation | P.16 | 6. Conclusion | P.17 | 7. Bibliography | P.18 - P.21 | I certify this work is the result of my own investigations, except where otherwise stated. All references have been duly cited. 1. Introduction Referring to the case study, Nokia has been the mobile phone market leader since 1994. Its business initial including paper manufacturing, cable works and rubber works. Later, the company has changed their strategy into focusing on telecommunications from industrial age into information age. Nokia is the first company established a digital mobile DX200 and developed the first 3G’s handset in the world. However, in 2007, Apple has launched its newest technology product – iPhones. Also a new brand has introduced its smartphone in the next year - Samsung. These two competitors’ phones have higher quality and technical specifications and Nokia was stuck as an exclusive supplier and unwanted to have co-branding with other operators. The mobile phones market share in different countries were started to decline. It affected Finnish national economy and also the damage of losing jobs with a large amount of employees. In this report, different elements in temporal environment and PEST environments will be studied in order to analyze influence described in the case; And also

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