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Nokia Essay

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Our mobile device sales are derived from the sale of mobile devices by our Mobile Phones and Multimedia business groups and by the Mobile Devices business unit of our Enterprise Solutions business group. Our principal customers are mobile network operators, distributors, independent retailers and corporate customers. Our product portfolio covers all major user segments and price points from entry-level to mid-range and high-end devices offering voice, data, multimedia and business applications. A number of factors affect our sales and profitability, some of which are to a certain extent outside of our control.

Our sales depend on the growth of global mobile device volumes. This growth is driven both by the number of new subscribers as well as by the degree to which the number of existing mobile subscribers replace their mobile devices with devices of similar or higher functionality. Industry volume growth is influenced by, among other factors, regional economic factors; competitive pressures; regulatory environments; the timing and success of product and service introductions by various market participants, including network operators; the commercial acceptance of new mobile devices, technologies and services; and operators' and distributors' financial situations. Industry volumes are also affected by the level of mobile device subsidies that network operators are willing to offer to end users. In highly penetrated markets, industry volumes are dependent on the ability of network operators to successfully introduce services that drive the upgrade and replacement of devices. In low penetration markets, new subscriber growth and volume growth will be impacted by lower cost of ownership, driven by more affordable tariffs and lower cost mobile devices.

According to Nokia's estimates, in 2005 the global device market volume grew by 24% to 795 million units, a record for the industry, compared with 643 million units in 2004. This growth was driven by the strong new...

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