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Noise Pollution With the development of modern industry, the pollution of the environment has become a very serious social issue. Noise pollution, water pollution, air pollution and solid waste pollution are regarded as the four major environmental problems within the framework of the world. Compare to the other three pollutions, most people think that noise pollution can`t cause serious damage, but many famous scientists and environmentalists don`t think so. Maybe lots of people don`t understand the issues of noise pollution clearly. I will discuss these issues: How much is too much noise? How does it affect health? What, if anything, should we do to curb it? Scott, Elizabeth, “Stress and Noise Pollution: How You May Be At Risk.” Online discussion. (June.2012). In this online article the author gives many examples to tell us: Environmental noise is more stressful than our realizing. He also writes someplace of having a negative impact on health, such as airplanes, cars, workplace and home. One of the health effects is chronic stress. Noise pollution has been linked with high blood pressure, stroke, and musculoskeletal problems. I need the information as arguments of the question “How does noise pollution affect health?” Noise Pollution, US EPA. 5 August. 2009. This article is from US EPS, so I think it is very reliability and comprehensive. On that page, I can get many useful things: What is Noise Pollution, health effects, protection from noise, the role of EPA, noise sources regulated by EPA, correct activities, frequently asked questions, and resource center. I can learn something about noise pollution from this article before I write my research paper. Buckley, Crca. “Working or Playing Indoors, New Yorkers Face an Unabated Roar” New

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