Noise Pollution Essay

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Firstly, I would like to mention that noise pollution effects on human. Noise pollution affects everyone, yet this problem is largely ignored by most people. Upon hearing loud noises and sounds, we might be irritated but feel at a loss to do anything about it. Noise pollution comes from various sources including traffic, airports, industries, factories and highly populated urban areas. However, these are not the only ways we can be affected by noise pollution. For example, a loud musical event such as a rock concert, occupational noises, and large crowds are just as detrimental to humans, especially with repeated exposure. Noise pollution also affects sleep, eating habits, mood, concentration and body functions such as respiration and heart rate. When humans are unable to sleep due to noise, they get insomnia. Insomnia causes mood swings and can affect performance in all areas of your life, as well as negatively affect your health. Secondly, noise pollution is also becoming huge problem for many animals, especially animals that live in our oceans and seas. For example, because of the increased ship traffic and offshore oil drilling noise pollution has started affecting very large number of marine animals. Whales and dolphins are among animals most affected by noise pollution. This is because they use their sense of hearing for many purposes such as hunting for prey, navigation, migration and distinguishing the members of the same species and with so many artificial sounds in our oceans they are having tough time to distinguish them all. Giant squid, for example, were found along the shores of Asturias, Spain in 2001 and 2003 following the use of air guns by offshore vessels and examinations eliminated all known causes of lesions in these species, suggesting that the squid deaths could be related to excessive sound exposure. Also, noise pollution damages the

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