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A Noisy Place to live Louisiana College is a private, Baptist, co-educational college of liberal arts and sciences that was established in 1906. Louisiana College has multiple living facilities. Cottingham Hall houses 300 women including a mixture of upperclassmen and freshman. Cottingham is the largest and oldest housing facility at Louisiana College in Pineville, Louisiana. It was built in 1941 with three floors that contain four wings per floor with a study room on each floor. Cottingham was newly renovated in the late 1970s, the dormitory offers private and single rooms. Each room has two twin beds, two desks with chairs, and two closets. Also, each room has a sink. Some rooms have carpet and others do not. Resident Assistants are assigned…show more content…
The noise level in Cottingham is a problematic issue for students, because it is hard for them to go to sleep at a decent hour when it is extremely noisy. Students become very aggravated because of the noise which makes it hard to study. Even though Cottingham is a great place to have fun with friends, the dorm noise level should be at a minimum though the week for students that are trying to study or sleep. The noise in Cottingham resembles cows running down the hall. This happens all night and it's very annoying and hard to ignore. It is understandable that Cottingham is a dorm where students can have fun after class, but the noise level should be at a minimum after 10:00 pm. Students should respect others once the quiet period has begun. During the night, upstairs on the 3rd floor the students, which are freshman, are moving furniture all night and this makes it difficult to fall asleep. It also sounds like they are running down the hall throughout the night and slamming the door leading to the stairs loudly. It is totally understandable that freshman are new to college and are excited to be on their own but they have to keep the noise to a minimum. The noise is very disturbing. When students have 8:00 a.m. classes every day. They are very tired and are preparing for class the next day and they should not have to deal with the noise all night and this causes them to…show more content…
If the quiet hours are extended to maybe 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. which is 12 hours. The noise would be at a minimum and student would be able to sleep and relax during their leisure time. By increasing the quiet hours student can go to bed earlier, for example, around 8:30 rather than 10:00 or 11:00 when there is peace and quiet. Through the week the quiet hours should be 12 hours so that students can study and have a peace of mind when they get out of class. And on weekends the quiet hours should remain the same to keep the noise levels at a minimum. If the RAs cannot get their resident’s noise levels under control they should be demoted from their duty as RA, because clearly their residents do not respect them and their residents feel like they can do whatever they want to do. It's understood that everyone do not go to bed at the same time so students should be considerate of others when they are sleeping. Some students have become very frustrated by the noise in the dorm that they are ready to move out and live off campus due to this

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