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M.E.A.L. PLAN (My English-American Literature Plan) Consuming a Variety of Literature as the English Teacher of the Humanity Literature always comes with timeless stories, as well as universal truth about everybody’s life; and so when we eat the words from every literary piece discovered and shared, we also tend to consume healthfully what’s beyond the plots and the stories of each written piece. So, here are some recommended healthy literary choices for you to consume and have a healthy recognition of the English-American literature! APPETIZER Essay: Simplified Alphabet by Mark Twain Ingredients: *a plate of new alphabet *a cup of phonographic-the only competent alphabet in the whole world *unlimited strokes in writing/spelling *a spoon of sound *a handful of expression Serving Suggestion: *”To see our letters put together in ways to which we are not accustomed offends the eye and also takes the expression out of the words.” MAIN COURSE DRAMA: The Merry Wives Of Windsor by William Shakespeare Ingredients: A cup of comedic plot cut in Acts A plate of old English usage A piece of Act about English structure A handful of mistresses and a Falstaff Serving suggestion: “It is qui, quae, quod: if you forget you quis, quaes, and your quods, you must be preaches.” -Sir Hugh Evans, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Act IV Sc. 1 SIDE DISH (Optional): Essay: English as She Taught by Mark Twain Ingredients: *A handful of meaning of words *A spoon of names derived from the Greek and Romans *A mix of grammar, construction and all; should result to literary curiousity *A plate of literary pieces Serving Suggestion: “Isn’t it reasonably possible that in our schools many of the questions in all studies are several miles ahead of where the pupil is?—that he is set to struggle with things that are ludicrously beyond his present reach, hopelessly

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