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Nobody's Child Essay

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  • on November 5, 2010
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Nobody's Child Notes
by: Marsha Skrypuch

Chapter 1
Armenian family travel across country in search of   jobs for the adults. 3 kids, one mother, an uncle, and a father. Mariam Hovsepian, Parantzim, Hovsep, Aram, Onnig, and Marta.
Whole family going instead of just the men because of rumors of political unrest.
Rumors that the district they live in will be raided when men leave to look for jobs in the barley fields.
Short supply of food, they have been traveling for awhile and no jobs have been found yet because no one wants to take in a whole family.
Mariam, the oldest of the children at 15, had to tend for the children while the adults were at work.
Mariam took the kids to a village to find other children to play with and they made good friends.
There was; Kevork, a little boy, Anoush, the mom, and her daughter, Arsho.
One time awhile later they headed down to the village to see their friends and saw how it was abandoned.
They saw men on horses and ran for their lives to hide on a roof in the Turkish district which was unsafe and Marta dropped her doll on the way.
Turks and Armenians are at bulls horns with one another.
When the men on horses left they went to check on their friends which appeared to be gone. Baby crib lay broken on the floor.
They walked on to the barley fields to look for their parents and uncle.
They walked to nearby caves where they thought people would hide and searched for their parents. A few caves had dead people lying there so Mariam said a prayer for them.
They finally came across their family and tried to give as much of a good burial as the conditions allowed for. Mariam cleaned her family members faces with oil on a cloth and then draped a veil across their bodies and prayed. They covered the mouth of the cave so no animals would come in trying to eat up their deceased family.

Chapter 2
Kevork and the 3 children had found each other. Kevork was with an Albino woman named Anna which was looked at oddly from most...

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