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●●● Plato argues in the “Nobel Lie” that “People weren’t smart enough to look after their own and society’s best interest”. In fact, many claim History repeats itself. Therefore, we should stop the trend and take a stand. The “Noble Lie” has helped mankind understand everyone is entitled to their own freedom, pushes everyone who has been placed into categories to educate themselves further, and also show us how to develop a mind of our own as a substitute for being manipulate by others. Plato had created a religious lie that denominated people of the city from their very own freedom. Furthermore, Plato had taken control of the society. For instance, the lie was told to inhibit humankind. Individuals who had different “Metals” as Plato would imply could not intermarry. Initially, Dr. King along with many others began to fight for our independence as a group. The public was divided into three classes which consist of rulers, auxiliaries, and farmers. In fact, the rulers were chosen from the military elite due to the reason they were good at shepherding and heedful for the interest of the community. For example, in this prevaricate Plato acknowledges three types of brackets “Gold, Silver, and Iron” that had been put into each person’s soul to determine where a person’s station in life was. If farmer’s children were born with gold within their core, they were to rise up to the guardian level. As a result humans have been assorted into three ranks “First class, middle class, and low class” the minorities have proven they can educate themselves beyond anyone’s expectations. The “Nobel Lie” notes, “The few smart people of the world needed to lead the rest of the flock”, How is it that society had been able to operate everyone’s mind? In fact, Plato said the fabrication had to continue to engineer the minds of the community. In particular, the rulers had placed a

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