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Noble Cause Corruption Essay

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  • on December 2, 2013
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Noble Cause Corruption
By Angel Pilkin

Noble cause corruption is when an officer breaks the law in the name of good ends or what they see to be in the best interest of justice. This type of police corruption is committed in order to get the bad guys off of the streets. For example a police officer has a desire to make the streets safer but he/or she knows they cannot accomplish this desire, and catch all of the “bad guys” since it is an impossible task to apprehend every single criminal that walks the streets in the area they police, and many criminal possess street smarts, and may know how to dispose of any evidence against them. This police officer may start violating the laws by fabricating, or planting evidence on the people they do apprehend to ensure a conviction. To justify this action the officer may say to themselves that they are making society safer, and never accept the true reality that they have committed a crime to achieve a desire that was never attainable in the first place because there will always be some criminals that get away. This may be because of some connections they have within the legal system, or even because of a mishap on the officer’s behalf that violated a right that they have under the Constitution. Regardless it is impossible to get every “bad guy” off of the street, and the officer themselves has become one of the “bad guys” in hopes that they will achieve a desire by using illegal means.
Another instance of noble cause corruption may fall into the area of intelligence- led policing and come in the form of fourth amendment violations in an effort to contain society’s terrorists, and criminals. In this instance an officer may search someone’s home based on SARs which is a suspicious activity report which does not establish probable cause to take the action of searching a person home, and he or she may do so without obtaining a search warrant to do so because probable cause was not established to get a judge to grant a...

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