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Nobel Prizes Alfred Bernhard Nobel was an important industrialist of Sweden, because he invented the dynamite and whose last will, perhaps in a way to reverse the damage that generated his innovative invention, he decided to offer a reward to those who have distinguished in a particular activity. The prize was detailed in the will that Alfred signed on 27 November 1895 at the Swedish-Norwegian Club in the city of Paris, France. Since the early twentieth century, Nobel Prizes are distinctions that are awarded annually to people who brought to the humane revolutionary investigations that contribute to the society. The first award of Nobel Prizes was at the Old Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm in 1901. The specialties in the first ceremony were: Literature, Physics, Chemistry and Medicine. Beginning in 1902 and until today an award is hand delivered by the King of Sweden. Nowadays, the ceremony is performed in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm; except the Nobel Price of Peace that is awarded in the capital of Norway, Oslo. Each year, the winners receive a medal, a diploma a cash award that varies. Each award is given for different committees, the Royal Academy of Sciences of Sweden give the Awards in Physics, Chemistry and Economics; the Karolinska Institute gives Awards in Physiology and Medicine and the Norwegian Nobel Committee give the Award of the Peace. Until 2012, the committees have granted 863 prizes, a total of 835 individuals and 21 organizations have received the Nobel Prize. Only four Nobel Prizes are not delivered by government problems. Adolfo Hitler forbade three Germans, Richard Kuhn (Chemistry, 1938), Adolf Butenandt (Chemistry, 1939) and Gerhard Domagk (Physiology or Medicine, 1939) to accept the Nobel Prizes and the Soviet Union pressured Boris Pasternak (Literature, 1958) to decline his award. Two people, Jean Paul Sartre (Literature,

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