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Since 1901, the first year the award was given, until the present day, nearly 800 individuals and organizations have been recognized with the Nobel prize. This group includes some of the greatest scientists, writers, economists and peacemakers in the world.The four original Nobel prize awards were expanded in 1968 to include the Economic sciences. Every year, prizes are awarded on december 10th to coincide with the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death. The winners are chosen by different organizations for each award. For example the Swedish Academy chooses whom will be given the literature award every year. The Swedish Academy has had the responsibility of attributing the Nobel Prize in literature since 1901. The academy was established in 1786 by King Gustaf 111. The main objective drawn up for the academy by Gustaf 111 was to work for the ‘purity, vigor and majesty’ of the sweedish language. Throughout the years the Academy has chosen many spectacular writers such as Pablo Neruda for his unbelievable poetry that, brings alive a continent’s destiny and dreams or Toni Morrison who, is famous for her visionary force and poetic import throughout her novels. Toni Morrison (formally known as Chloe Wofford), was given her award in 1993 and was known for her outstanding novels such as The Bluest Eye, Sula, Song of Solomon and many more. Morrison was born on February 18th 1931 to a poor sharecropper family in Lorain, Ohio and at the age of 18 she entered Howard University too pursuit her career in writing. She took interest in not only writeing but enjoyed taking drama courses at University. It was also during these years that she changed her name from Chloe to toni because she felt too many people had trouble pronouncing it. In the year of 1955 Toni had Recieved her master’s degree in English at Cornell University. Between 1957 and 1964 Morrison was an

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