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Malik Musgrove AP LITERATURE Nobel Peace Prize Questions 1. How does Faulkner describe his life as a writer? Does it seem enjoyable to him? William Faulkner describes his life as a writer as it being hard-working , goal-oriented , and also self-motivated. 2. Why does he write? William Faulkner writes to create out of the materials of the human spirit , something which did not exist before. 3. What does he say young writers of today have forgotten? What has caused them to forget what they should be writing about? The conflict within the human heart has caused them to forget about what they should be writing about. 4. What is the “basest of all things”? The basest of all things is to be afraid , and teaching himself that forget it forever, leaving no room in his workship. 5. What are the universal truths of the heart “lacking which any story is doomed and ephemeral”? The universal truths of the heart are love and honor and pity and pride and compassion and sacrifice. Until he does so , he labors under a curse. 6. To whom does Faulkner say he is speaking? Why will they listen?He is speaking to the young writers 7. What kind of victories and defeats are found in poor writing? Defeats lacking anything of value and victories without hope are found in poor writing. 8. What does Faulkner believe about the future of humanity?It will become much like poor writing, lacking anything meaningful 9. How can the poet or writer assist in the future of humanity?Poets and writers can help humanity by reminding them of the positive and courage that made up society. 10. Compare the two lists of truths Faulkner says must be at the heart of writing. The heart writing needs to consist of: 1. Sacrifice 2. Compassion 3. Fear 4. Love 5. Honor 6. Pity 7. Pride 8. Courage and 9.

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