Noah And Utnapishtim

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Compare and Contrast of Noah and Utnapishtim Noah’s Ark and the Story of Utnapishtim’s Flood These two stories are so alike to each other that people would find it hard to believe that these authors didn’t meet up in some alternate space universe. They both follow a same story line and only hold few prominent differences. They are both religiously accurate to that time too; Utnapishtim held the religious ideas of Mesopotamia while Noah held the beliefs of the current monotheism. What makes it hard even harder to believe is that Utnapishtim’s story is back from 2500 to 500 B.C. and is part of the Epic of Gilgamesh (an epic that is known as the oldest piece of literature) and Noah’s story was released over a couple thousand years later; although this has no impact on the similarities and non similar things of the stories. Some of the similarities of these stories are more towards the fundamental things. Both of these stories spoke of a flood that was meant to wipe out all of humanity. The reason this flood was going to happen is because God became sick of humanity so he felt that he had to destroy it and start over again. So a chosen one (both Utnapishtim and Noah) was told to build a boat to survive this genocide and continue the human race. They were also allowed to bring their wife, children, and children’s wives. God also demanded a thing from these mortals; God told them to take every kind of species that existed in pairs of two and put them on this said boat (this boat was supposed to be very long). So then in both stories, a storm came around and destroyed everything; all of the trees, the agriculture, the buildings, and anything to do with man. The sea stretched on for miles and it took days for the boat to land; when the boat did land though they were both by a mountain. These stories were both similar and

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