No Weed for Me Essay

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Denilson Gomes “No Weed for Me” 11/7/12 Edwin and I were staggering to a nearby corner store across the street from Central High School, to buy a pack of gum because our breath reeked horribly. As we were walking we happened to stumble upon a troublesome kid named A.J. who attended school with us. “What up bro?”A.J shouted out with a smirk on his face. “What up dog?” We both responded at the same time. He walked up to us chanting a song that got jammed into his head earlier; “I love pickles.” He sang loudly. Edwin and I chortled freely. “What kind of song is that?” I questioned him, but he didn’t seem to respond. After Edwin and I finished chuckling all three of us marched into the corner store as if we were the police. “Where’s the gum at?” I asked the cashier. He pointed to an aisle right across from the chocolate covered honey buns. I strolled to that aisle and chose my favorite pack of gum which is Trident Layers, and went to pay for it. When I finished paying for the gum I stood back with Edwin and waited for A.J to purchase his item. Not noticing what he bought, I continued conversing with Edwin. When A.J finished paying for whatever he bought, he signaled us letting us know that it was time to leave the store. We left the store and started heading back to school, but A.J stopped us and told us to follow him. Not thinking about the consequences we tracked him. “Where are we going?” I questioned him. For some reason he didn’t answer. A.J made us walk a block or two before we reached our destination. “Where are we?” Edwin asked curiously. “We are in an alley.” I answered back. “Obviously we are in an alley but why are we here? ” Edwin and I glared at A.J waiting for a response. “shut up and I’ll show you why we are here.” He replied like a donkey. A.J pulled out a pouch of weed

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