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Abstract Being able to speak is a wondrous thing, being able to communicate with other people and understand each other. Some people do not have the privilege to speak, some people are just not able to speak and then there are some people who choose not to speak for personal reasons. All in all there are ways to communicate not just by voice but with images and body motion. Without my voice, how am I going to speak? A silent voice Freedom of speech is also known as a freedom of voice your opinion, how can you voice your opinion when you not have a voice? It is something that I believe that everybody takes advantage of. Many people would think “why would you want to take a vow of silence?”. There are many reasons why you would take a vow of silence. The Buddhist monks take a vow of silence for religious reasons, or someone would do it to honor someone else, for example someone who has passed away. I took a vow of silence for 24 hours in honor of Savannah Allen and her mother Hannah. Savannah was only a month and a half old when she passed away. She was born premature by 3 months, something went terribly wrong with the pregnancy and it caused Savannah to be born early. When I went to see Hannah and Savannah in the Hospital, Hannah was holding her baby girl. I have never seen so much love between mother and daughter. I took the vow of silence in honor of Savannah. Even though she was only alive for a moth and a half she left an impact on my life. In doing this exercise, I learned that I am a very inpatient person. I like to have stuff done quickly. When I could not use my voice, it complicated things a lot. If I needed something done, I would haft to write it down on paper. If the person did not understand what I was trying to say then I would just go and do it myself. What I learned about other people is that it takes a lot to get somebody to

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