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Saying No to Soda How many of you drink soda? Is it in your everyday diet? Do you know the health risks and harm it does to your body? While many people in today’s society drink soda there are many negative factors that should be considered to those people like you into highly considering eliminating soda from your life. Many are addicted to the caffeine, taste and the fact that it’s very cheap. Three major impacts that soda has from consumption are the staining of teeth, the amount of sugar which can cause unwanted weight gain which could lead to developing diseases such as diabetes, and also how it impairs your digestive system. Now to start, I’m pretty sure we all brush and try and to keep our teeth as white as possible. We all want that nice appealing smile. However if you are a frequent soda drinker you are pretty much counter acting this cleanse process. The staining of teeth and damaging of your tooth enamel can occur. Through research I have found that the incidence of tooth decay can double and even triple by consuming soda. The acid in soda is toxic to the point that the solid sugar in it is even worse than candy. Experts in the dental department encourage people to drink less soda to prevent this decay and erosion especially with their meals or between meals. Ugly teeth? No teeth at all? You don’t want that. Now many people don’t realize the amount of calories that add up from what you drink. Drinking a single can of a sugary soda drink a day and lead to more than 1lb of weight gained every month. Studies from says that 1 can of soda per day can also give you a 48% higher chance of getting a heart attack on top of developing diabetes. From this weight gain, this is how the consequence of diabetes can occur. Any type of promotion that contributes to weight gaining can lead to the risk of developing diabetes. Scientists believe soda

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