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“Where am I?” “What did I do?” “Where are my friends?” This person is probably in the ambulance. People that do drugs or drink heavily can pass out and wake up in some random place and don’t know how they got there. They also probably have a bottle of beer in their hands or some marijuana. That is addiction. Millions of people are addicts to different things like alcohol, drugs and other things. They get drunk or high and lose control, and poof, next thing they know they are laying in the middle of the road or in an ambulance. Addiction can majorly affect your health. Addiction is the uncontrollable use of a mind- altering substance or behavior that harms your physical, mental and spiritual health. Health is balancing our physical, mental and spiritual health using the four daily requirements: food, rest, exercise and elimination. Physical health is any biological function related to the 12 body systems. That means eating healthy, exercising, resting and eliminating. Addiction can affect your physical health by affecting the 12 body systems. Addiction to drugs (mainly alcohol) can lead to Cirrhosis of the Liver-which is when the liver dries up and can’t function properly. I learned this when we talked about Mickey Mantle who was an addict and he had Cirrhosis and he died from it. Addiction can affect your physical health by possibly giving you alcohol poisoning (only if you are addicted to alcohol and if you drink a lot of it). You might get really drunk and get alcohol poisoning and almost die. Oh believe me it’s possible, it has happened before. It has happened quite a few times actually to be precise. I learned this from the Binge drinking video. Addiction can also affect your mental health. Mental health is your ability to reason. That means being able to calculate, evaluate, compare, and contrast. Addiction can affect your mental health by

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