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No Tears -Alexander Puskin Essay

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  • on February 11, 2013
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Alexander Pushkin

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin is a Russian romantic writer and he is considered as the father of modern Russian literature. He published his first poem at the age of fifteen. Although Pushkin is considered as the central representative of the Age of Romanticism in Russian literature, he cannot be labelled unequivocally as a romantic; Russian critics have traditionally argued that his works represents a path from neo-classicism through romanticism to realism. Pushkin is considered as simultaneously romantic and not romantic. The revolutionary sprite and political sentiment of the poem caused his exile to the south of Russia in the year 1820. Russian writer Dostoevsky considers Pushkin even superior to Shakespeare.
The poem ‘NO Tears’ is known as Pushkin’s honest one. Even though this poem is a lament for his dead wife, he is honest to say that he does not feel pain in her death, thus the poem is not written in the expected elegiac mood.   The first line of the poem itself indicates that at the time of her death he was not there in his native land. It may be the time of his exile for expressing extreme revolutionary spirit. Even though he was not there with his beloved during the time of her departure to the eternal world, the situations were very clear as the ‘blue sky’. In his absence she began to weaken and fade as a flower. But he is very sure that wherever he was at the time of his beloved’s death, he was able to feel her soul’s journey to the world of happiness. When they were together at their native land, at the time of their life together, she was calm and quiet and never irritated him. Now, when her soul flees above him, it does not make disturbances and ‘flew without a sound’. The phrase ‘young shade’ indicates that she was too young and that was an early death.
Pushkin says that there is an ‘uncrossable’ line between her soul and him that both of them cannot cross that line and be together once again. That ‘uncrossable’...

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