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Anna Phelps Mrs. Thompson ELA 8 January 18, 2011 It's March 5, 1973, three years after David ran away, and one of David's teachers alerts authorities of David's abuse. One of David's remembrances is that he cried because he knew that teachers would now know the truth—that David had smelled bad, dressed in rags, and dug in the trash cans for food because he was abused at home. Mr. Zeigler, one of David's teachers, says that he will inform David's classmates as well. While David is happy that someone has noticed his plight, he is frightened because he knows how angry his mother will be when she finds out. As David heads to court with Ms. Gold, (his social worker), he wonders if he'll be returning with her or be returned to his mother. Despite the fact that he's retracted his story of abuse, he's afraid of being returned home. Ms. Gold tells David that he didn't deserve the treatment his mother gave to him, and that he has to decide what he'll do today. David admits to feeling like a traitor to his family and asks what will happen to his brothers. Ms. Gold tells him that he is her only concern at the moment and that they must take the situation "one step at a time". David cries because he knows that Ms. Gold loves him and that he's about to betray that love for his mother. David ends up not going back with his mother and her and his brothers have to give David his bike and some of his other special belongings. The bicycle becomes an important part of David's life. He rides up and down the street and to the nearby play park. David says that he often saw younger children there but was never able to work up the courage to talk to them. It's during this time that Larry Junior is picking on another of the foster children, Chris. David stands up to him and the two begin to wrestle. Though Larry is bigger and quickly gets David down, David refuses to give in, earning at

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