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Randall Sherwood final draft 1 There is no Solution In Peter Singers article in New York Times Magazine he proposes a solution to world poverty. While he is just proposing a solution to a problem that has flustered this world we love so much, it in fact cannot be a savior to world poverty. Singer is not an economist or anything of that sort. Singer has a utilitarian mind set about how things might look bad to some people but he sees them for how they are and does not judge. Singer has great intentions with his solution, but the solution is probably inevitable. As long as there are people on this planet there will always be someone hungry and needing something. I’ve taken some quotes from his article for my argument against his solution. Singer states that,” In fact the average family in the United States spends almost one-third of its income on things that are no more necessary to them than Dora’s new TV was to her.” Ok, first you have to look at the main problem with this statement. The American average family is more modernized and has a higher dollar value rather than that of Brazilian families. Americans have become accustomed to having at least one TV in their home. A majority may have Two. My insinuations come from Singers article in the story about the Brazilian film. “Dora is a retired school teacher who makes ends meet by sitting at the station writing letters for illiterate people.” That shows that America is more modernized than Brazil, and therefore that statement between the two cannot be conceptual. Throughout Singers article I will try to justify that he cannot consistently urge all people to donate money to charitable organizations. In another segment of the article Singer states,” Going out to nice restraints, buying new clothes, vacationing at beach resorts, so much of our income is spent on things not essential to the preservation of

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