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简单的个人问题 How long have you prepared your visa interview? A: about 1 month. What do you do in your spare time? A: I like reading in a musical environment, so I usually read novels with MP3 in my spare time. What's your favorite American movie? A: because when I was a little child, my mother bought a toy called"Bubble Bee"for birthday gift. That was my first birthday gift and it made a deep impression on me. And now, all of those guys are removed to the movie especially with 3D technology. That is amazing! 复杂的个人问题 What is your favorite pet? Why? A: Of course dog is my favorite pet. It's loyal to our humans and you know my aunt just brought a cute dog called LeLe to her house and every evening going to her home and playing with LeLe become my habit(required course). What's your best/worst quality? A: I think I've got the quality of good communication. Even if I still can not control English as a foreign language exactly, I try my best to talk about what I think about and love to listen someone say something interesting or funny things. My weakness is that sometimes I may not be confident enough to face any difficulties. For example, I hate learning maths and as soon as I meet some problems hard to solve, I would lose my confidence and do not like do the homework. Who do you think is the best president of the US? A: Truth to be told, I do not quite know a lot about Obama, the president of US at present, I just hold my view that no matter who could serve as the president of US, he or she would bring happiness to US people and develop the economy of US, he or she is the best. Do you think who the greatest leader in the world is? Why? A: Because I am a Chinese so chairman Hu, obviously, is the best. He leads us to higher level of life and develop the economy of China. 亲属问题 Do you have any relatives in the US? A: No. What do your

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