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Personal Ethical Statement My preferred lens in the ethical lens inventory was reputation lens. I listen to my senses and determine what is best for the community. After completing this week’s ethics assignmenet, I found myself more for the relationship lens, so it was a little interesting that I would have the opposite from taking this in the first week of class. My blind spot is unrealistic role expectations. This means that I rely too much on the virtues that go along with a certain role. When it comes to my strengths and weaknesses, I would have to say they are compassion and entitlement. Compassion is seen as a gift, I value equality, so it shows that I care about the community and individuals. If I am not careful, I can fall into feeling entitled and that I should be given special privileges and I could become inconsistent with good character. My core values are equality and sensibility and my classic value is fortitude. With equality, I am primarily concerned with the wellbeing of the whole community and believe it is the best way to assure each individual is treated fairly. With sensibility I examine each situation in its own context rather than a one size fits all context. Fortitude helps to demonstrate courage and steadiness in the face of obstacles. I value connections and friendship, appreciating those around me in the workplace. When it comes to resultant behaviors, I see it as living out role responsibilities, if a person lives out their roles they can be seen as a person with strong leadership and encourage others to do the same. I could use my personal ethics to determine a course of action, by gathering information about what others in my position have done and still stick to my own unique ways and what the community might need. An example that would apply to the reputation lens would the ARC that was proposed recently in my

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