No One Cares... Essay

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Who/Whom “Who” is subjective and is used when the pronoun acts as the object of a clause. Usage depends on whether you are referring to the subject or object of a sentence. To test, substitute “he” or “she” for “who,” and substitute “him” or “her” for whom. Who loves you? (She loves me.) I consulted with a doctor whom I met in school. (I consulted with him.) Which/That “That” is a restrictive pronoun, which means the phrase following it is needed to understand the preceding statement. “Which” introduces a relative clause and is used when there are qualifiers that may not be essential. I don’t like buying clothes that aren’t made in the USA. You should only buy clothes made locally, which are usually sold at smaller local businesses. Lay/Lie “Lay” requires a direct object (past tense: “laid”). “Lie” doesn’t need an object (past tense: “lay”). Common mistake: People use the past tense of “lay” when they mean to use the past tense of “lie.” I lay my head upon the pillow. Last night, I laid my head upon the pillow. The stones lie near the river. The stones lay near the river, waiting to be washed. Nor/Or “Nor” means “and not.” Rule of thumb: Use “nor” with “neither” and “or” with “either”. I bet neither Mike nor Jessie will like the movie. I bet either Mike or Jessie will not like the movie. Affect/Effect “Affect” is a verb that means “to influence or produce an impression.” “Effect” is a noun that means “the result of.” That movie affected me like no other movie has. I felt no effect from the movie, I wish it affected me, but I thought it was boring. Since/Because “Since” refers to time. “Because” refers to causation. Since I saw you last, I’ve gotten a new job. Because I saw you, I looked into that new job you recommended. Fewer/Less
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