No More Parades Through Tietjens Character Analysis

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Shifting Mindsets of War As is common knowledge in present day, war has transformative effects. Many soldiers come back from fighting with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) due to the horrendous sights and actions occurring on a daily basis. Ford Madox Ford illustrates this phenomena by constructing a significant character transformation caused by the war in No More Parades through Tietjens, as he becomes more open emotionally, and loses a bit of the cold reservation he is known and prided for as an English Tory. Prior to the war, flashbacks and reflection show that Christopher Tietjens had been a very reserved character. For example even the personal matter of caring for his sick child was done with a cold lack of emotion: “He had taken the responsibility. . . of himself placing the child in a bath full of split ice. . . . She saw him bending, expressionless in the strong lamp light, with the child in his clumsy arms over the glittering, rubbled surface of the bath” (176-7). The fact that he was even capable of completing the…show more content…
When Tietjen is told that he will be sent up the line there is no sign of the reservation that has become signature of his character: “The ground moved under Tietjens’ feet. He felt himself clambering over slopes of mud with his heavy legs and laboring chest. He said: “Damn it all! . . . I’m not fit. . . . I’m C3”” (102). The ground moving is not literal, but rather symbolical of the imbalance that such a statement has struck on his personal control. The fear has left him reeling. The addition of mud in the passage is also significant, in that the mud was more feared during wartime than even the surroundings of death, supported by the statement “It was the fear of the mud that was going to obsess him” (231). Additionally, the short stuttering sentences following Tietjens panicked thoughts support the lack of control and feelings of

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