No Longer Human

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No Longer Human In "No Longer Human" by Osamu Danzi, the main character Yozo has a condition where he is displeased with the way that he sees the world. The way that he thinks is different from everyone else and because of this, he is unable to connect to other people. Throughout the book, he tries different methods to cure himself but it all seems to fail. Yozo is a very intelligent person who comes from a wealthy family. Usually this would be enough for a person to life a happy life but this isn't the case for Yozo. It is because he is so smart that he is actually unhappy with life and this is his condition. On page 13 Yozo says "...this revelation of human dullness stirred dark and depression in me." What he is saying right from the beginning of the book is that he sees the world as being a dull place and because it's not exciting or as exciting as he'd like it to be, he is depressed by the world. He wants something exciting from life. While he would have dinner he would think to himself "It was useless even to hope for unusual or extravagant dishes. I dreaded mealtime more each day." (Yozo pg. 14). This clearly states that he finds life really boring. There is nothing that can sparks his interest. The problem is that he is so smart that he is unable to enjoy the simplicity of life. For example he was asked what he wanted from his father. He didn't want anything but he still asked for a mask. He could have asked for a toy but because he is smart, he would over think the function of the toy. He would not be able to enjoy it because he would believe it's too simple and therefore it doesn't spark his interest. How can a person live without a soul? Yozo continuously describes himself as being "No Longer Human". One of the essence of being human is having a soul. Yozo refers back to him being a child when he was sick enough to miss months off from

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