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By Naomi Klein Preface Born in Montreal in 1970, NAOMI KLEIN is an award-winning journalist and bestselling author. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications including the Nation, New Statesman, Newsweek International, the New York Times, Village Voice, Ms., The Baffler, and Saturday Night. She writes a weekly column in the Globe & Mail, Canada's national newspaper. She is a frequent media commentator and has guest lectured at Harvard, Yale and Mew York University. Naomi Klein lives in Toronto. No Logo was shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award 2000. Reviews: 'Naomi Klein brilliantly charts the protean nature of consumer capitalism, how it absorbs radical challenges to its dominance and turns them into consumer products.' MADELEINE BUNTING, Guardian 'The bible for anti-corporate militancy.' Select 'This entertaining exposure of corporate culture resonates with disillusion.' CHRISTOPHER HIRST, Independent 'Personable and well-informed, prescient, necessary and ultimately optimistic, No Logo paints a vivid picture of spirited, creative rebellion.' WILLIAM GEORGIADES, Literary Review 'Naomi Klein catches the anticapitalist mood so well it seems unbelievable that No Logo was written before the "Battle of Seattle". She expresses brilliantly the rage that so many people feel about what is going on in the world, giving us ammunition against the bosses and governments.' JUDITH ORR, Socialist Review 'Zipping between corporations, countries and human rights violations with all the selfassured effortlessness of a multinational transferring capital between currencies, Naomi Klein's convincing analysis of the rise of the superbrand -Starbucks, Nike, Ikea, Gap, Blockbuster et al -reveals a world where labels are hungry for every inch of space.' The Face 'A touchstone of sanity' 'A brilliant book' Red Pepper PETER YORK, The Times

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