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No Justice No Peace Derrick King FSCJ I was told at an early age that they police were the enemy and to fear what they could do. I remember my mom and dad telling me to be careful walking home at night because some police were known to harass black men they labeled gang members. I was raised to believe that the men in blue offered no help for the black residents of Los Angeles. I spent a few years in the Navy. I remember getting 45 days leave to travel home and then to my next duty station. The dates were April 15, through May 30, 1992. One year prior officers from the Los Angeles Police Department stopped motorist Rodney King for a traffic violation. During the arrest proceedings Rodney King, was beat with a police night stick over 50 times. A witness George Holiday videotaped the arrest which was later broadcast nationwide. A week after the incident a grand jury returned indictments against the police involved in arrest. I was stationed in Norfolk VA; I was following the case, and could not wait to get home. The day Sargent Stacey Koon, Officers Laurence Powell, Theodore Briseno, and Timothy Wind were acquitted for a crime of excessive force and assault with a deadly weapon, I was sitting in my Grandmothers living room. Like most, I was upset about the unjust verdict. My Grandmother lived about two blocks from where the LA Riots started. Today I still question what made me so angry that day. I can honestly say that I participated in destroying to city where I grew up. United States Department of Justice later filed civil rights charges against officers 2 out of 4 were found guilty. My respect for law enforcement began to hit an all-time low. I began to believe the horror stories about the notorious L.A.P.D. “The single story creates stereotypes and the problem with stereotypes is not that there not untrue but that they may be incomplete”.

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