No Impact Man

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“We can all change the people around us by changing ourselves.”—Colin Beavan, No Impact Man. No Impact Man is about a man who transforms his family’s life by experimenting for a year in hopes of gaining a more sustainable lifestyle by leaving no carbon-footprint. In the middle of the book, the second phase has come into play, “the no transportation phase.” This phase entails having absolutely no transportation. For instance, no taxis, subways, buses, ride to the beach, trains, planes, or even elevators. For an entire year, at the start of no-impact year they won’t be going anywhere unless they could get there in some form of using their feet. In this case, they could travel by the stream with sailboats and bikes across town. In result of the no transportation phase being put into action, the Beavan’s cannot go see their families for the holidays. For Thanksgiving and Christmas they planned to go see Colin’s mom and sister and 2 trips to New England. They canceled the 2 trips to New England to go to his families for Christmas and when his sister’s baby is born rather than going for Thanksgiving also. That way for Thanksgiving they can relax and cut their transportation emissions by half. Colin explains his reasoning behind no transportation as part of the solution to climate change. The United States, with only 5 percent of the world’s population, is the world’s largest producer of greenhouse gases. Specifically, about one-third of our carbon footprint comes from transportation. In particular he says “part of the solution” because reducing or having no emissions from different sources transportation isn’t going to be enough; there is an enormous amount of things that go into correlation with transportation gases. He illustrates this by explaining the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is when natural components of the atmosphere like carbon dioxide,

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