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Unit 204 Interpersonal Skills for the Travel and Tourism It is important to understand that when working in the travel and tourism industry you must not only deal with other members of your Workplace Task B team but also with the public. The ability to interact and communicate effectively is vital not only to your success but to the success of the organisation. To achieve task B you must demonstrate how to communicate effectively with customers in a travel and tourism environment. You must be able to promote a positive self-image through personal appearance, body language and effective questioning and listening skills. In your role as a travel agent, use the internet and brochures to find a suitable holiday for each of the customers below and explain why you are recommending the holiday for them: 1. Robert and Ian from London like sporting activities and are looking for a two-week activity holiday in the Caribbean in March. They do not mind which island but they would like fully inclusive hotel accommodation and would like to travel from Heathrow or Gatwick. They have a budget of £4000. 2. Mr and Mrs Brett from Manchester are in their eighties and still enjoy travelling. They would like to go to Spain and be able to travel around and see different parts of the country with a guide. Neither likes flying, so travel must be overland. They would like a 10-14 night holiday in May and have a budget of £2500. 3. Jackie and Angela from Liverpool want a one-week holiday to Majorca in June. They would like a beach resort with lots of nightlife and they would like to stay in a three star hotel; they have a budget of £1500 4. Caroline from Blackpool loves food and wine and she would like to go on a holiday which includes these interests. She would like one or two week holiday in the UK or Europe in 2015 and she has a budget of

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