No Graduation Essay

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PS/IS 178 Ginelle Medina 8H March 7, 2013 No Graduation A student just watches the madness and only knowing of others wrong doing. They know what is going to happen. They don’t take part in on anything. Once the administration finds out, even the innocent one is punished. The administration should only punish the students responsible for any mistake. But yet all the schools try to investigate the situations and don’t know what to do about punishment for so much people. So they decide to punish all. Many schools today have incidents that involve the majority of the school but are caused by one person only. They just go ahead and punish everyone and even those who are innocent. It is not right to punish those innocent. There was an incident at Ohio where many of the graduating class were caught in a cheating scandal. Their graduation was canceled. The school said that they canceled the graduation because many students were cheating and many students knew about the cheating and did not report it. The district said that it had to take a stand to show the kids that cheating was not tolerated. “The district says it has identified a student who apparently accessed shared file folders on teachers’ computers” (Schools Cancels Graduation for Cheaters. Page1). Everyone should not be punished because they said that they found out the students who caused the entire ruckus. The district ruined the hopes of 60 high school students all because of one! There are many situations where students are blamed for another’s wrong doing. It is the administration that has to “investigate” more in order to not hurt the innocent students. Every person should not be punished

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