No family should have more than two children

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How many children should family have maximum? In the past, most family had a lot of children because they did not have knowledge about birth control leading to family problems such as divorce. Because of related financial matter and time limit, family should not have more than two children. Costs of having children such as children care cost and educational cost should be considered. In the current economic situation, cost of living is very expensive. When women become pregnant, the first thing that they should do is go to see the doctor which brings about a lot of expense. After that mothers have to take good care of themselves with eating beneficial food and having enough sleep which lead to high cost as well. Moreover, baby stuff, such as toys, bathing tools, clothes, etc., will be prepared before the baby is delivered. In the childhood period, because of working condition, most families need someone to care for their kids during day time. Hiring a qualified babysitter is an important thing, but it has a cost too. In the period of study, even there are public schools which provide an educational free of charge, parents still have to pay for textbooks and other expenses. In my opinion, a family had better not have too many children because they maybe can not afford all of above expenses. The other problem of having too many children is that married couple has no more time to take care of each other result in divorce. Parents have to spend a lot of time to look after their children such as taking them to school, and they have to do their jobs at the same time. As a result, family problems will occur. For example, a mother has a regular job, a serious job, which works at 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Then, when she go back to her home, she have to prepare dinner, teach her kids to do homework, clean her house, and prepare her paperwork for tomorrow morning meeting. In the other

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