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Vanessa Lorigo April 21, 2010 Norris. Eng.104 NO FACE Israel is a young boy who has had a traumatic experience change the entirety of his life. On a day that he would never forget, he was viciously attacked by a wild pig! Israel wore a small flea infested cloth mask to cover the horrendous scars that covered his face. On occasion he would be helped out by a man by the name of Padre Lou. Padre Lou extends a helping hand as a friend and guardian towards Israel. Because his features were different on the surface of his face that caused people to treat him like an outcast. He was accepted by the Padre and would flee to his sanctuary of the church as a place of security. Israel had to deal with circumstances not every child is plagued to deal with. With what resources he had, Israel came up with clever ways to help himself handle physical and emotional stress. Some nights Israel would take himself back to the night of the attack. It was such a huge imprint in his mind and in his life that this major injury scared him painfully and emotionally. Never to feel normality again was a long lasting ailment that would always be apart of his life. He would always remember the stink of rotten bananas being sent out of the lungs of the beast that so violently ate his face away. In some dreams he would turn his face to save the other side and in others his entire face is a delicacy to the carnivorous pig of a beast ripping and peeling the first layer of his skin away. Israel would be awakened at night in sweat from the replaying nightmare that his dreams would not let him forget. In his harsh reality he lives with this on going nightmare everyday. The actual thought of him being able to go to the United States for an operation to help repair the damage that has been done is even hard for Israel

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