No Exit Essay Existentialism

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Throughout the world, people have many beliefs and disbeliefs that have made a humorous impacts on people’s lives. Existentialism is a huge topic where people have their doubts, and wonder does it exist, or even if it has a theory around it?. In the play “No Exit” by Jean Paul Satre, (the father of existentialism,) expresses his beliefve that existentialism does exist. My theory is that, I have my beliefs and disbelief that makes me wonders which of the theories is right, because I agree and disagree about existentialism. [(This sentence is confusing and unclear. I am unsure what your main idea is for this essay based on this introduction.] Satre proves existentialism does exist and how it symbolizes life in hell is just like life on earth, but the only difference is that there is more stress and agony in hell. I feel that I believe in existentialism, because I believe that no one goes through life without questioning one’s own existence. Towards the end of the book, Garcin says “Hell is other people.” Tthis relates to existentialism because it shows Garcin that outside influence causes interference with one self, and causes them to make bad decisions in life. [(This contradicts the idea of existentialism. According to existentialism, outside influences should not matter. Where are your citations?] In the play “No Exit” the characters understand the true meaning of existentialism through the philosophy of existence, and essence. The play shows the characters don’t exist but theirthere essence, and hardships still exists. [(What does this mean?] This leads me to believe in existentialism even more because the characters Garcin, Estelle, and Inez never knew their actions from their past would affect there life after death and send them to hell. This shows you don’t have to exist to suffer or be tortured. This just proves Satre’s philosophy and theory is
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