No Exit Analysis

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Maria Pascual Professor Ludvigsen English 1A 20 November 2014 Above Hell No Exit was written in 1944 by Jean-Paul Sartre, a French philosopher. The story follows three different characters, Joseph Garcin, Inez Serrano, and Estelle Rigault; who are trapped in a room in hell. Their hell did not have fires, equipments for tortures, or a devil. The room consisted of three couches, three paintings, a statue, and a paper knife. The three character’s role in this book is to torture one another. From how the book was written it seems like Sartre got his idea of hell from his surroundings and experiences on earth. First, the setting of the story is not anything like what people would perceive as hell. Many people believe that hell bestow physical torture and not mentally upon sinners. For example, Garcin entered one of the rooms in hell. He asked the valet, “Quite so. But I say where are the instruments of torture?” (Paul-Sartre 1). He was surprised to see that the room did not have anything to harm him. The room looked like a room people would find in a house. Another example is when Estelle commented on the furniture in the room. She said, “It's those sofas. They're so hideous. And just look how they've been arranged. It makes me think of New Year's Day— when I used to visit that boring old aunt of mine, Aunt Mary. Her house is full of horror like that... I suppose each of us has a sofa of his own…” (Paul-Sartre 9). She compared the sofa they had in the room with the sofa her aunt has on earth. To me this says a lot about how he sees earth and hell. He is saying that earth and hell does not have much difference. According to an article, “What the Bible Say about Hell” by Sid Litke, “Revelation 14:10, he will be tormented with fire and brimstone” (Litke). The bible says that a person who ends up in hell will inquire pain for all eternity, so Garcin was expecting
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