No Excuses for Unsafe Injection Practices Essay

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2013 No excuses for unsafe injection practices November 18, 2013 Single use mean single use, inappropriate us of single-dose vials of medications are leading to potential exposure to pathogens in patients. The Canters of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) enforces standards put in place to reduce the risk of infection and yet these are being ignored to “extend” the use of medications. Health care facilities put blame on the CMS for shortages of certain drugs and have asked for theses policies to be relaxed. The stance of the CMS, however, remains the same on this topic but does offer alternatives in an attempt to avoid waste and save money. The Canters of Medicare & Medicaid Services is responsible for enforcing the standards of infection control programs in health care facilities that participate in the Medicare program. These facilities are required to have an infection control program that is inspected by the CMS to keep them accountable. Such standards are set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and are nationally recognized for infection prevention practices. The use of a single-dose vial (SDV’s) is one of these before mentioned standards. The standard states that a medication labeled as single-use and can only be used as thus. This is due to the absence of antimicrobial preservatives. The puncturing of these vials creates a portal of entry for dangerous microorganisms and infection to enter and support growth. As the enforcer, the CMS is required to cite facilities that reuse SDV’s for multiple patients. Facilities that fail to comply with standards enforced by The Canters of Medicare & Medicaid Services jeopardize losing of the right to treat Medicare patients. The national shortage of medications such as Proprofol forces health care facilities to become inventive in ways to get the most medication for

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