No Excuses Essay

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The “No Excuses” Nike commercial is an inspiring commercial for all individuals as it directly references the process of fulfilling goals and dreams. The focal message of the commercial is that perseverance and hard work leads to the outcome of success. The purpose of the commercial was to show that people constantly complain or make excuses for everything life has to offer, when instead they should take ownership and responsibility of their actions in order to achieve goals. The main claim revolves around pathos, however the commercial used the emotion to strengthen the logical claim. Matt Scott was the icon of Nike’s commercial. He is a well-known individual who, in my opinion, had an established ethos from the start. Now, for those unaware, Scott has spina bifida, yet he has coped with his condition and excels in wheel chair basketball. He’s led his teams to multiple championships, played in the Paralympics, and achieved great success. His story alone builds a solid foundation for all three appeals. Scott’s reputation gives him authority, as he’s been successful, as well as establishes credibility for him as a speaker. In the commercial, he spoke with conviction, which allowed for respect to be further established with the audience. His vocal tone and choice of language directly matched the typical excuses made throughout today’s society. In fact, his list of excuses is inviting to the audience because it is relatable, as most people make excuses before attempting the climb toward success. During the ongoing list of excuses, Scott’s wheelchair was not in the film angle, and the audience could only hear and see him dribbling a basketball. At the end of the commercial, his wheelchair was exposed, definitely establishing an emotional appeal. His simple phrase, “My feet hurt,” was a slap of reality, showing that while most of society is out complaining about
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