No Dogs Allowed Essay

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1. What economic question(s) does this case require the town to ask? (2 points) What are the advantages to having a dog park? What are the disadvantages to the local school and the community by choosing to spend 125,000/acre on a park that can only be used by residents with dogs? 2. List the possible resources that the town would need to construct and maintain the park. (2 points) -fencing to set physical boundaries around the park -construction equipment to make any structures that would be used by the dogs and to make any seating structures for the owners -any equipment to tear down the trees to clear the area for the dogs -a place for payment setup, maybe somewhere near the town hall or even at the entrance of the park 3. What town resource(s) are scarce? (1 points) The land that is available to the park 4. Who will be the consumers using this public good? (2 points) The people who own dogs in Martinsville. 5. What is the opportunity cost of building this park? Explain. (5 points) Money lost to build the park instead of investing in new housing development which would also make the town lose money gained overall if they the townhouse addition was installed because of all of the families that would have moved in. These families could have been possible investments to small business in the town as well as help donate money to the schools that need improvement and help with their maintenance. 6. Identify at least one pro and one con for each of the following options: (5 points) a. leaving the land undeveloped Pro: not having to worry about keeping the land maintained for the dogs or the townhouse owners Cons: losing money for the town or not having a park for pet owners to take their dogs to b. selling the land to real estate developers to build homes Pro: the town will gain the $850,000 that developers are offering to help

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