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From: Zareed Mustapha Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 2:56 PM To: Cheryl Barnes Subject: Reducing Daily Email Ms Barnes, During my research on the French company Atos, I found some recent news reports on their “Zero Email” Policy. Atos employs over 74,000 workers across 42 countries and they have determined that only 10% of all internal emails contain important information. To help alleviate the amount of time employees spend reviewing and responding to emails, they have decided to eliminate all email with the exception of external clients. According to ABC News, the overall response from employees has been positive ( Atos plans to use the following for internal communications: • Instant messaging such as Office Communicator • Face-to-face meetings • Video conferencing • Social media such as Facebook Unfortunately, Atos' policy would only eliminate internal email from employees. Since Seimens has a large number of clients that rely solely on email for business communications, I would not recommend implementing such a policy here. The technology website TechCrunch brings up a good point, “What business opportunities and improvements might be missed with a zero email policy?” ( I hope this information has been helpful. Sincerely, Zareed Zareed Mustapha Operations Coordinator Seimens, USA 5800 Granite Parkway, Suite 600 Plano, TX 75024 P: (972) 987-3000 Kim, S. (2011, November 29). Tech firm implements employee "zero email" policy. Retrieved from Orlin, J. (2011, December 1). Solving email overload with a company-wide ban. Retrieved from

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