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n the 2005 novel by Cormac McCarthy, No Country For Old Men tells a tale of escalating violence in West Texas, as seen through the eyes of a weathered sheriff, an experienced country boy, and a mysterious hit man with principals and philosophies which transcend time and cultures. The chain of violence which erupts at the book's start remains pulse pounding throughout as the characters exemplify the very core themes the story represents, and therein lies the real plot of the book, and plight of the characters. With the 2007 filmed adaptation, very few significant points pertinent to the plot and characters are lost. And therein lies the power of this adaptation over others. For when breaking down the plot and characters, as well as their similarities and differences from the two mediums, one finds that the characters are walking testaments to the central theme of the story, and the drive of the plot as familiar as ever. After country boy Llewellyn Moss comes upon a satchel with over two million dollars in drug money within, he sees a chance to thrive outside of his trailer park life and takes it. But the consequences become all too real as tensions rise on both sides of the law. With the unfathomable hit man Anton Chigurh trailing him over county lines, leaving a trail of blood wherever he goes, and the seasoned Sheriff Ed Tom Bell struggling to contemplate the change in times given the extreme violence over greed, Moss is left only to dig his grave ever deeper as he refuses to admit the severity of his situation. And with a retired army colonel turned bounty hunter thrown into the mix, things don't shape up according to plan; though such brash actions of greed seldom leave room for efficient plans. Contrary to the filmed adaptation, the novel gives us a true window into Ed Tom's soul at the start of every chapter, offering up a greater understanding of who he

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