No Country for Old Men

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Keyonna Jones Dr. Senefeld English 1010 11 April 2013 No Country For Old Men Cormac McCarthy was born in Rhode Island on July 20, 1933. Cormac was raised Roman Catholic. He went to Catholic High School in Knoxville, and went to the University of Tennessee in 1951-52. Once he left Tennessee, he moved to Chicago were he wrote his first novel The Orchard Keeper, which was published in 1965.McCarthey waited until he was 70 years old before he publish his book No Country For Old Men. No Country For Old Men is a novel that is set in the modern day Texas. This book is based on a character that goes by the name of Sheriff Ed Tom Bell who has a lot of knowledge and experience. In his monologues the Sheriff speaks about his memories working as a sheriff. He talks about what has changed from the past to the presents. McCarthy title No Country For Old Men comes from the first line of the poem “Sailing to Byzantium” which quoted “That is no country for old men…” In the beginning of the monologues he quotes, “I wouldn’t push my chips forward and stand up and go out to meet him.” “It ain’t just being older” “Because I always knew that you had to be willin to die to even do this job.” “And I think a man would have to put his soul at hazard…..and I won’t do that…I think now that maybe I would never.”(4) My name is Llewelyn Moss, I am In one of Sheriff Bell’s monologues he talks about a survey that was sent out to a number of schools. He quotes, “And the biggest problems they could name was things like talking in class and running in the hallways.” Forties years later he quoted, “The biggest problem was Rape, arson, murder, drugs and suicide. (196)” ( He also quotes “ The Mexico drug war: Bodies for billions states that, “Over the past five years, nearly 48,000 people have been killed in suspected drug-related violence in Mexico.” They also said that, “Mexican

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