No Country For Old Men Essay

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Yashar Ganjavi Mary Schultz July 10, 2011 Essay #2 Differences in Interpreting a Story Novels are the mirrors of society. People write because they can express a piece of their minds that cannot be translated by speaking. When we write it brings out that imaginative side of our brain that allows us to explore our minds and depict our personal image of the world. Cormac McCarthy is great example of someone who has a broad imagination and is able to create a whole world of characters and interactions. The fascinating thing is that these depictions of McCarthy’s imagination are intertwined with real places and characters that resemble people of those areas in that time period. The true beauty of novels is the personal interpretations of the author’s work and visualizing the scenes and characters in our own perspective. Filmmakers experience this when they read these novels and it allows them to a create films that closely depict the novel while putting their own spin on it. One of Cormac McCarthy’s fine works is the novel No Country For Old Men. The Cohen brothers produced this award winning adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s novel that follows the story very closely, while many small details are either excluded or altered to fit the film. I will be focusing on the particular scene where Moss is wounded and on the run to Mexico to find medical attention. The similarities and differences of this scene in the novel and the film show how storytelling can be portrayed in many different ways, while carrying the true essence of the story. The particular scene I am analyzing begins after Llewellyn Moss was shot by Chigurh and took off severely wounded. Moss runs into a group of college students who just came back from Mexico. He buys a coat and beer from the guys and walks towards the border. After he passes them, he stops for a moment by the fence on the bridge,

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