No Contradictions in the Bible

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NO CONTRADICTIONS IN THE BIBLE Take into account that the atheist and some Christians believe in the trinity and the contradictions they came across .What so see as contradictions has no argument to prove the claim .According to Dr. Clifford Wilson in an interview by Dr Carl Wieland ; Have you found in your researches in archaeology anything that has contradicted the biblical account in a definite sense? He replied, “There have been plenty of claims that things contradict the biblical account, but the Bible has a habit of being proved right after all. I well remember one of the world’s leading archaeologists at Gezer rebuking a younger archaeologist who was ‘rubbishing’ the Bible. He just quietly said, ‘Well, if I were you, I wouldn’t rubbish the Bible.’ When the younger archaeologist asked ‘Why’? He replied, ‘Well, it just has a habit of proving to be right after all.’ And that’s where I stand. Professor Nelson Glueck, who is recognized as one of the top five of the ‘greatest’ in biblical archaeology, gave a phenomenal lecture to 120 American students who were interacting with the Arabs. He said, ‘I have excavated for 30 years with a Bible in one hand and a trowel in the other, and in matters of historical perspective, I have never yet found the Bible to be in error’. Professor G. Ernest Wright, Professor of the Old Testament and Semitic Studies at Harvard University, gave a lecture at the same seminar. He made the point that “because of the researches associated with the Hittites and the findings of Professor George Mendenhall concerning what are called the Suzerainty Covenant Treaties between the Hittite kings and their vassals it had become clear that the records of Moses, when dealing with covenants, must be dated back to the middle of the second millennium BC. That’s about 1500 BC. Also , those writings should be recognized as a unity.” In other words,
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