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BSB50407 Diploma of Business Administration Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessment Kit Table of Contents About this RPL Kit | Page 3 | The Diploma of Business Administration qualification | Page 4 | The RPL process | Page 5 | Gathering evidence | Page 6 | Submitting the evidence | Page 8 | Summary of Evidence (Matrix) | Page 10 | Evidence Planner | Page 12 | | | 1. About this RPL Kit This kit is designed to help you compile evidence through a recognition process to achieve this qualification. This is a formal process that is based on a portfolio of evidence submitted by you, the student. You are going to work through the requirements of the qualification and gather: * Evidence of prior training and qualifications Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) * Evidence of current competence Recognition of Current Competence (RCC) This is an “assessment only”pathway This is an “assessment only” pathway based on designed for candidates with relevant qualifications and/or business experience. You may be eligible for some but not all of the units that make up the qualification. So it is possible you are mixing the recognition process with some formal learning (components of a course). Quality portfolio preparation takes time We appreciate that evidence gathering and portfolio preparation takes some time. It is in your best interest to start planning, organising and get the process under way as quickly as possible. Planning, organisation and presentation are important This kit provides planning tools that guide the evidence gathering. Use these tools and tables to build up your planned evidence. Here are some tips to putting your portfolio together: * Look for evidence that meets the requirements for multiple units of competency If you can demonstrate evidence that covers

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