No Child Left Behind Act Essay

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No Child Left behind Act– Final Tonza Simmons ENG 122 English Composition II Prof. Nancy Segovia May 19, 2014 No Child Left behind Act– Final The No Child Left behind Act is a form of modern day segregation that is providing youth with hopelessness to achieve. This law is a way of holding the disadvantaged hostage to oppression for years to come, due to the lack of education and comprehension skills. I believe that this law was created without really understanding the needs of all children across America. This act was and is more about a political agenda verses the betterment of America's children. Authors, John W. Borkowski and Maree Sneed, Harvard Educational Review, v76 n4 p503-525 Win (2006) suggested, "that there may be some inconsistencies with the No Child Left behind Act of 2001.”They both agree with the Act, that all children have a right to quality education that isn’t impartial according to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, disability, and demographics. However there is concern that the standardize test is not equally partial to all students. The standardize test was not proven to be adequate in helping the academic achievement of all students because it has not been scientifically or educationally researched for accuracy in the learning process (2006). The No Child Left Behind Act has its flaws do to the conception of this policy not being thought out properly by the Bush Administration. In an article by Neill, Monty he presents the flaws of the No Child Left Behind Act, stressing that the new federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act will only exacerbate, and not solve, the real problem that cause many children to be left behind. He opines that the law, as passed, will have precisely the opposite effect of its name, with the most damage being done to low-income and minority students (Nov, 2003). Linda Darling-Hammond, Harvard

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